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Fighting the urge to reply to some captions...


Some people out there that call themselves Doms (in reality they are just low self-esteem perverted creeps) write the most abhorrent captions. I just want to repost with statements like:

  • So basically you are into killing a human being?
  • So you think it is alright to deprive someone of food and…


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Yes please!!

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Tormenting Scott


Tormenting Scott

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It’s a good thing my boyfriend is reblogging this bondage stuff, right?  *hmmm*


It’s a good thing my boyfriend is reblogging this bondage stuff, right? *hmmm*

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When the officer first arrested Carlos, he was booked and went into the holding cell, in a prison jumpsuit… pretty much as he expected would happen. But as the night went on, Carlos realized that the arresting officer was the only police personnel he saw. And there were only two other prisoners in this fairly small cellblock, a tall muscular black man and a blond, “California surfer” type. Then, the cop started making him strip, followed by the head harness and gag. Before long Carlos was in his underwear, kneeling and chained like a wild animal. He realized this was not an ordinary jail.

The cop returned, in jeans and a t-shirt. Carlos started screaming into his gag. “Yeah… you’ve figured out this isn’t a jail, and I’m not a cop at all.” The man was gloating. “Not too bright, boy. You see, its my goal to collect and own a slave to represent every major type of man on the planet. I have caucasian blond, african, and now hispanic. Now… let me cut off those briefs and see just what kind of equipment you’ve been born with.”

Anyone know where this comes from?

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